amle module

Automated Machine Learning Environment (AMLE)

This code is a simple shim to help automate running machine learning (ML) tests to reduce effort and make it easier to innovate.

Requires various packages including YAML:
sudo apt-get install python-pip git git-flow python-pytest python-yaml
Requires PIP packages coloredlogs, voluptuous and numpy. Install with:
pip install coloredlogs voluptuous numpy

Principles (aspirational):

  • Generic. Just a shim, does not contain ML code, and tries to not be opinionated about how ML works or data types
  • Reproducibility. Run the same test with same inputs and get the same output(s) - or at least statistically similar.
  • Reduce experimentation work effort. Support comparative testing across different parameters and/or ML algorithms, retains historical parameters and results
  • Add value to experimentation. Support evolutionary genetic approach to configuring algorithm parameters
  • Visibility. Make it easy to understand how experiments are running / ran
class amle.AMLE(CLI_arguments)

Bases: baseclass.BaseClass

This class provides core methods for an Automated Machine Learning Environment (AMLE)


Passed file location for an aggregator module and return it as an object


Passed file location for an algorithm module and return it as an object



run_aggregator(agg_name, agg_parameters)

Run an aggregator, as per spec from policy


Run an experiment, as per spec from policy


Print out the help instructions