policy module

Automated Machine Learning Environment (AMLE)

Policy library that handles reading in policy, validating it and providing values to other parts of AMLE

class policy.Policy(config, project_directory)

Bases: baseclass.BaseClass

This policy class serves these purposes: - Ingest policy (policy.yaml) from file - Validate correctness of policy against schema - Methods and functions to check various parameters

against policy

Note: Class definitions are not nested as not considered Pythonic Main Methods and Variables: - ingest # Read in policy and check validity


Return policy for a named aggregator


Return a list of policy aggregators


Return a list of policy algorithms


Return a list of policy datasets


Return policy for a named experiment


Return a list of policy experiments


Return a list of run items

policy.validate(logger, data, schema, where)

Generic validation of a data structure against schema using Voluptuous data validation library Parameters:

  • logger: valid logger reference
  • data: structure to validate
  • schema: a valid Voluptuous schema
  • where: string for debugging purposes to identity the policy location