config module

The config module is part of the AMLE suite.

It represents AMLE configuration data that is global, i.e. not project-specific

It loads configuration from file, validates keys and provides access to values

It expects a file called “config.yaml” to be in the config subdirectory, containing properly formed YAML

class config.Config(dir_default='config', dir_user='config/user', config_filename='config.yaml')

Bases: baseclass.BaseClass

This class provides methods to ingest the configuration file and provides access to the config keys/values. Config file is YAML format in config subdirectory, and is called ‘config.yaml’


Passed a key and see if it exists in the config YAML. If it does then return the value, if not return 0

ingest_config_default(config_filename, dir_default)

Ingest default config file


Passed full path to a YAML-formatted config file and ingest into a dictionary

ingest_config_user(config_filename, dir_user)

Ingest user config file that overrides values set in the default config file.


Call base class method to set up logging properly for this class now that it is running